Friday, January 11, 2008

One knows but dares not speak

Our Messenger Peace and Blessings be Upon him has told us not to speak to people with what they do not understand, or else they might be led astray with our words. An aristocrat can't give a lesson about success in life to a bunch of factory technicians who could barely keep a loaf of bread at their table every night after a tiring10-hour workday, that just doesn't work, because no matter what the Aristocrat views the version of success that those guys can't reach, or at least 99% of them can't reach, simply because there isn't almost one thing in common between them both except that they will die and kneel in front of the Creator for judgment.

And that in itself is a scary thought..

So where is the taqwa? Just a mere thought amidst the mist of life!

Anyway, we are gathered here today to speak about the invisible. Can't recall that I have spoken about the invisible things I feel pushing and pulling on some strings that I didn't know exist inside my own existence, like a magnet it works on a small fragile needle.. the metaphor is proving its authenticity as the magnet could never break a needle, unless someone is clinging to that needle badly and the force of the magnet is extremely strong.. But still i doubt the needle could be broken.

I have a theory of mine that comes from experience as well as from a Hadith about dreams of believers. Part of the Hadith simply states that ".. those among you with the most true tongues are those with the clearest of dreams.."

Dreams are an invisible force working without any sort of human interaction. You just sleep, you let go of every controlling power you have over anything, and your heart is the only controller. Pure hearts have clear dreams, and mostly they are guided in their dreams. Not having dreams at all does NOT mean that you have a mean heart, not at all. In the same manner being a dreamer does not necessarily mean that your heart is the purest of the pure, also not a rule at all, on the contrary dreamers are of all sorts, but those who deep down inside care about God feel the magnet pulling their fragile needles inside, mostly in dreams and sometimes outside them, in the real tangible visible life.. but not all visible.

I sometimes learn about somebody's spirit in a dream before meeting him/her. The spirit has a breath and feel, unlike any other spirit of any other human. It has sort of a print, an odor, and a touch. The touch of spirits together is not like a touch of skin over skin, but it is something close to the warmth of a hug of a certain person. Sometimes, just sometimes I FEEL a person while dreaming, then after a while I meet that person and I know that I have seen him before, or known him before.. then after a while I realize that I've been subjected to his 'spiritual print' if I may say so.

Sounds crazy.. and it feels crazy as well..

If anyone's now thinking that I am out of my mind, on my way to a sanity home, or having a case of schizophrenia then I have nothing to say to you but goodbye, I'll see you in the next life.

Invisible magnetism.. yeah..

Sometimes you follow the force of magnetism just to learn a big lesson that's gonna mark your life. One has to make sure that he records all the prints of magnetism forces pulling his needle into the directions of the "lesson pit", for the sake of not to take the same lesson twice, or else that would be carelessness.

To be honest I dumped my spiritual fingerprint intuition factor in my last lesson and now I know that the lesson is: If you have IT, trust IT. Now I recall the feeling of insects bumping into my existence, the nausea and dizziness of disgust that the insects caused, and the same feeling in real life when meeting certain people.. Trust that! This does not mean that you are a bad person or that the people in front of you are bad people, but simply that there is an invisible force trying to make you alert. That of course is in the case of you knowing quite well what your intentions are. One can't expect the forces that pull him into a whore house to be angelic guiding forces, eh?

But why the hassle and the complexity of all of this? Life is much more simple than that, right?


Life is much more simple when one is able to live peacefully and engage in his internal struggles without the external forces not only affecting the external crust of oneself, but trying all the time to alter the inside, making the internal struggle more and more difficult, altering the things that were once simple and straight-forward. There are Millions of people out there, each with their own hidden things behind their faces, with loads of ideas and intentions swarming inside the flesh of their bodies. If you have a strong nose for invisible guidance USE IT for God's sake, as it is a blessing that comes only from God! If you have a protective shield then you will be mistaken if you don't use it!

Those who deal with just tangible visible things are in a great deal of comfort in a way, but they don't know what they're missing, like that friend of mine who doesn't believe in the concept of "Baraka", the concept of one thousand pounds keeping a family alive for one day, and the same thousand pounds keeping a family alive for a month. The simple concept that means that a decision done with a good intention would bring a lot of good, while the same decision made with another intention may not bring the best of consequences, unlike the former.

Knowledge itself is invisible. Not all knowledge can be taken from a book, not all knowledge could be viewed in a documentary, but some knowledge might just reach you for a reason, home delivery, free of charge, for the sake of your intentions, yet every tangible visible thing in the world could be against that knowledge.

So sometimes one knows, but dares not speak.. or else one could be dubbed a stupid ignorant piece of human flesh.

May Allah guide us all.. Amen


At 12:48 pm, January 12, 2008, Blogger sara said...

Wallahi, by Allah The Most High, AlWadood, every word said here is felt by me.. It's as if I wrote this.. Exactly.. With the examples & all..

Beautifully written.. If anyone is up for arresting you for being crazy, they should come & get me too!

Thank you for putting your feelings into words.. I would have never done it as sincerely as you have..

Thank you & may The Almighty guide us aaaaaaaaaall.. Amen :)


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