Sunday, March 23, 2008

A dialect of Thought

New things, old things.. Just a couple of things or maybe nothing at all. As random as it can be some thoughts are better not said out loud, or moreover better not be thought about at all!

There is this one thing that one could spend a lot of time doing, which is disconnection from an entanglement. Once you're into something that provides another thing that connects with you somehow, or provides you with a reasonable cause to survive, or maybe shallowly satisfies a psychological need inside yourself, once you are entangled it is so hard to disconnect, and it takes training and self-control to a very aggressive extent!

So, there are two factors controlling and affecting such a thing, the first is History in such a thing, or training and experience to be more precise. The Second would be the amount of self-visibility available, or transparency between one and himself. If you know yourself well enough you will be able to understand why and how being so involved in a certain thing satisfies a certain side of you. So instead of treating a situation of entanglement it would be more healthy to go to the source, which in our case would be the WHY you got entangled in the first place, right?

Here comes a very important question: How well do we know ourselves?

I said before many times that the easiest way of knowing yourself is to gain knowledge about the twists and turns of the human self in general, knowledge of what drives a human being to act this or that way, human nature in itself, and then you think of your actions based on the knowledge you've gained so far, most importantly with 'Honesty', which means that at times you will come to say it out loud inside yourself: "Yes, I am mistaken, yes I am not so pure!".. Which is pretty normal if you'd ask me; because no one is perfect, and no one is right all the time.

Playing the victim is one thing human beings are professionals at. "See? I am misjudged! See? I was good all the way! See what who and who does me in return? This is Unjust!!" to the end of those memorized expressions that escape the human tongue numerous times through the short cycle of a human's life. But few are those who do really admit that sometimes the intention was not so pure to things backfired in my face for example, or anyone admitting that there is a weakness inside me towards this thing or the other..

We all find it really easy to play the role of the victim in any tight situation we get subjected to.


This is human nature folks! Only a few chosen ones know how to fight such a thing.. or to be more accurate few have the drive that takes then into the arena of the fight in the first place.

This drive would simply be the desire to become someone better, for the sake of whoever, or for the sake of whatever. But blessed are the lives of those who do it for the sake of God!

Need I say more?


At 8:29 pm, March 23, 2008, Blogger sara said...

Transparency, that's my name!

Just got a text message from someone calling me that!

WAllahi it's easy for one to be transparent.. It's more of a choice really.. Or so I'd like to think..

At 6:04 pm, March 27, 2008, Blogger LuLu...! said...

hey silver :D

ur tagged :)

At 8:35 am, April 24, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 9:45 am, April 24, 2008, Blogger Gold said...

no idea!

At 1:12 pm, May 11, 2008, Blogger sara said...

You know anon, I think that being there doesn't always mean 'being there' per se!


I pray all that is good would come our way,

& anything else would just die away..

Amen :)


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